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The Jigsaw Nomad is a new brand of puzzles where patterns & textures take center stage; you can say we are moderately obsessed with them. Patterns are everywhere, sometimes they jump at you big and loud and sometimes they sneak up on you with their unexpected beauty and intricacies. The Jigsaw Nomad is founded by Valeria Bianco, a designer, New Yorker, puzzle aficionado and main resident nomad.


If you landed on this site you are likely aware of the positive effects to your mind of puzzling, here we created these puzzles with another activity that’s proven to be great for you: walking.

Our nomads crunch a solid six miles per day, rain or shine. We cover parks, avenues and back alleys in pursuit of beautiful patterns. We have been collecting them for years and the dark cloud that’s been hovering over the world these past two years only motivated us to walk more, determined to find beauty even in the gloomiest of the days.


During the fall of 2021 we ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter, where a stellar group of people helped us fund our initial production that you can find in our Store.

Our first collection is an Ode to NYC, the city we call home.


But this is just the beginning! We are developing a full line of puzzles dedicated to patterns & walks. Comments or questions? Get in touch at

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