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Red Hook Walk is our first puzzle set entirely outside of Manhattan, and highlights a unique part of Brooklyn. While physically close to Downtown, this section of Brooklyn is also distinctively isolated from it. It's best reached by ferry, as the nearest subway is a hike away (not that we mind). The name derives from the Dutch term for red point, Roode Hoek, and at one point it was a bustling port, home to dockworkers of many nationalities. Many of Red Hook's original row houses are still standing today, alongside newer buildings, and some of the best sunsets the city offers. This is an unconvetional NYC zip code - we thought it was time it had its own puzzle!

Red Hook Walk

  • This jigsaw puzzle is 150 pieces. Once completed it measures: 11.75" X 8.25" or 21 X 29.7 cm.

    Puzzle greyboard is made with recycled paper.

    Paper is printed with non-toxic inks. Mini Walks Box measures 4.75 X 3.75 X 2 inches, they contain a reseal-able bag and a small reference poster.

  • Flat Rate Shipping for US Continental Customers, follow our Shipping Policy for more details.

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